Join us for the next Professional Development Training on March 25th at Spero Mt. Vernon Richview Road campus. This training will cover the topics of Brain Maladaptation and Generational Poverty. This session focuses on what happens to this vital area of the brain which is responsible for problem solving, goal setting, impulse control, and abstract thought when it is affected by trauma and/or substance use. Attendees will learn why traditional approaches to learning, discipline, and reasoning with at-risk teens often fail with this population. The session covers alternative strategies for engaging youth whose cognitive functioning has been limited by problematic life experiences as well as how the cycle of poverty affects thinking and decision-making, use of language, habits and relationships that cement a worldview and drive self-perpetuating behavior. Many professionals that work with high risk children and families from poverty, themselves grew up in the middle class. Workshop attendees will learn the fundamental differences between the mindsets and cultural shaping that inherently drive an invisible wedge between the well-intentioned middle class helper and the poverty clients we have pledged to serve. This wedge is seen in our frustration, the language we use and the lack of meaningful outcomes with clients. Purchase your tickets here.