Here at Spero, we embrace the Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) model as a framework for best practices that drive results when it comes to working with children, caregivers, and families. The CARE model is an evidence-based, trauma-informed model listed on the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse. By embracing this model, we foster the development of a shared approach that provides our employees with the perspectives and skills to achieve positive outcomes and an increased sense of hope to every person we serve.

CARE was developed by Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project as a comprehensive framework for providing care based on six guiding principles:

  1. Developmentally focused
  2. Family-involved
  3. Relationship-based
  4. Competence-centered
  5. Trauma-informed
  6. Ecologically oriented

By working through this framework together, practice is infused at all levels of the agency and guides interactions, planning, decision-making, and crisis prevention which can incrementally and cumulatively reshape children and family experiences in ways that prepare them to be better equipped for life’s daily challenges.

Ever since Spero adopted the CARE model, we have brought about a lot of positive changes in our organization. We have not only reformed the way we engage with our clients but also revamped our Core Values, executive-level policies, and hiring practices, keeping CARE at the forefront of everything we do.

Meet our Trainers

Tunezia Badger

Development Officer

“CARE is not only beneficial for individuals working with youth in out-of-home environments, but it can also benefit parents, teachers, law enforcement officials, and others who interact with children and adolescents.”

Elizabeth Carson

Adoption and Permanency Specialist

“There are many reasons why I think the CARE model is important. It brings all of these huge components in a person’s life together, like understanding trauma and building relationships, involving family, creating warm and inviting spaces and having the knowledge and attitude to be successful in life. But the piece that has made the most impact on me, personally, is the developmental focus. When we meet our clients where they are at, it changes the way we provide the help that they need. When I look into a challenging situation and think ‘Is this person giving me a hard time, or are they having a hard time?’ It really changes the way I approach the situation. You’d be surprised how many skills haven’t been taught or experiences that haven’t been had. Sometimes we have to start small, take baby steps, teach, and grow those skills. And that’s okay.”

Kari Docherty

Training Coordinator

“CARE has helped shine a light on how to respond to trauma-driven situations with youth and clients. It is so exciting to see the CARE principals making positive changes throughout the organization.”  

Tracie Donnelly

MHJJ/IHI Program Manager

“CARE is critical in our success as we strive to meet the needs of those we serve.  CARE helps us to fully identify challenges/barriers and to provide a safe, nurturing, and trauma-informed environment to heal and grow.  CARE changes everything.”

Lynne Hampton

TLP/ILO Case Manager

“CARE takes and builds on what we already know, giving us a fresh new perspective filled with more understanding, more compassion, more knowledge, and most importantly, more hope than ever before.”

Steven Winchell

QA Coordinator

“I think it’s important that all our decisions are made based on what current research says is in the best interests of our clients and families. CARE provides the framework that we need to be intentional in our decision-making. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach, but that’s what’s so great about it. We’re creating conditions for change—conditions that allow the client to be a part of their journey and to be the driver of their journey. We’re using a relationship-based, trauma-informed, ecologically oriented, family-involved, competency-centered, and developmentally focused approach to help those around us thrive. I think when everyone is wearing those glasses it can be powerful.”