Wraparound is an intensive, strengths-based, and family-driven process that supports families staying together. Wraparound Services is aimed at helping families achieve the vision they have for themselves. They are serving over 30 counties in Illinois. Wraparound is a planning process that follows a series of steps to help children and their families realize their goals. It is a planning process that brings people together from different parts of the whole family’s life. Wraparound is different for each family served since the plans that are developed are tailored by the individual family.

Wraparound is guided by these principles:

Family Driven
Natural Supports
Culturally Competent
Outcome Based

Wraparound services are available in the below counties.

Mt. Vernon Campus

123 S. 10th Street, 3rd Floor

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Olney Campus

1001 S. West Street

Olney, IL 62450

Springfield Campus

1999 Wabash Avenue, Suite 205

Springfield, IL 62704

Marion Campus

1301 Enterprise Way, Suite 67

Marion, IL 62959

Murphysboro Campus

101 Spero Drive

Murphysboro, IL 62966