Spero Awarded Eagle Accreditation MT. VERNON, IL – Spero Family Services has been awarded EAGLE Accreditation by the EAGLE Accreditation Commission. Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence (EAGLE) is the only faith-based accreditation program in the United States and is managed by the United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries (UMA). EAGLE is a voluntary program that recognizes health and human service organizations that go beyond the requirements of licensure to improve operational processes while pursuing excellence in a holistic, Christian mission. EAGLE challenges organizations not just to compete in challenging human services environments, but to soar above the competition while living their faith values.

“Being EAGLE Accredited means a lot to Spero Family Services. It adds to our credibility as a quality service provider and gives focus to our Christian-based mission work,” says Joe Bernard, Spero CEO. “Also, being peer-reviewed has allowed us to develop stronger relationships with other child care ministries as well as identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.”

The EAGLE Accreditation Program includes the compilation of a rigorous self-study that covers all facets of care delivery and operations followed by a site visit from a review team of independent healthcare and human service professionals from across the country. Designation as an EAGLE-accredited organization continues for four years, during which Spero will submit annual reports to ensure all accreditation standards are being met. “We extend our congratulations to Spero Family Services for its commitment to upholding EAGLE’s principles that reinforce the importance of faith-based mission, operational excellence, and responsible stewardship,” said Mary Kemper, President/CEO of UMA.