Tara Chambers

CWC Therapist

Spero Family Services


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois and serve as an outpatient therapist; working with individuals of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. I have a Ph.D. in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior, a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and an Associate’s degree with a specialization in psychology.

Throughout my career, I have focused specialization in areas of sexual offenders, victims of sexual offenses, trauma, and I have worked with clients who have struggled with a variety of other complex and unique mental health barriers. My expertise is in the area of human behavior. I enjoy working with people who are looking to change behaviors for themselves, their children, or their family.  My goal is to create a space in the world where every person who comes through my door feels welcome, cared about, valued, and safe. I have never met a person that I was not thankful to have met and felt so grateful to have been able to spend even one hour of their life. It is a blessing to be in a profession that allows you to get to know people at such a deep level and to hopefully be a part of them getting to know themselves better, as well.  Everyone deserves to have a place to come and feel heard and supported. It’s hard to find that in our lives sometimes but counseling is a place where you can take an hour out of your week or even month and just focus on yourself and your own needs. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your struggles seem; they are important and valid and deserve a moment of pause and focus to help you find joy in your life.