Lacee McCabe

CWC Therapist

Spero Family Services

I am a master’s of social work student, through The University of Central Florida, that will graduate in May of 2023. I have been interning with Spero since May 2022 as an outpatient therapist. Through Spero, I have also had the amazing opportunity to work with local schools like Bethel Grade School and the West Frankfort grade schools, as a therapist as well. Over the last several months I have been working on strengthening my play therapy skills, grief counseling, and anxiety/depression counseling to help aid in the healing process for children/adolescents!

Counseling is a tough but rewarding decision to make for yourself. Spero Family Services and our therapists help ease the hesitancy and empower our clients to process, heal and succeed in their counseling journey. Regardless of your reasoning for counseling, our mission is always to help aid you in creating a happy and healthy life! For as long as I can remember, my life passion was to work with kids/adolescents. I never knew exactly how I would accomplish this but throughout my collegiate life, I found a new and strong love for counseling and mental health. Children and adolescent counseling is an empowering experience and it’s my new life passion to help the clients I see have a safe and mending space to optimize healing.