A partnership fundraiser benefiting Spero Family Services and Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

FOT Tree Requirements

Are you interested in donating a decorated Christmas tree or wreath? Here is what you need to know

*Tree must be 3-9 feet. No trees larger than 9 feet for delivery reasons. *Tree/wreath must be NEW.

*Metal tree bases must be used for trees larger than 6 feet; no plastic bases are allowed. *Trees must be delivered to Cedarhurst on Wednesday, November 20th 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Please call 618.242.1070 ext 1236.to make other arrangements if that time does not work for you.

*Tree can be delivered decorated or decorated at Cedarhurst during the same hours.

*Please let us know your tree size and theme so we can plan accordingly.

*Don’t forget the tree skirt. It can be as simple as a piece of fabric that we can bunch around the base.

*All decorations MUST be wired securely to the tree/wreath.