Christmas Giving Guide

Give The Gift that Gives Back

This holiday season, as you give thanks for all of God’s provision, we invite you to share a portion of your family’s blessings with the youth and families we serve through our programs here at Spero Family Services. With your help, Spero can provide our kids and families with a healthier and happier Christmas this year. Your financial gift helps us fulfill Christmas wishes for those living in our Mt. Vernon and Murphysboro youth homes, provide materials and resources for first-time moms and their babies, and comfort for others in need that we serve. Your gift could also help us find and prepare new foster parents, provide free or reduced rates for counseling services, ensure faith-based daycare services, or give a chance for young people to earn a GED and a work skills certificate.

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Choose a gift and help Spero give children and families, the gift of Hope, Help and Healing this Christmas.

My mother does not want for anything material at Christmas. I decided to make a donation in her name to Spero every Christmas. She loves that a child or family who does not have much will recieve a gift instead.

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