Adversity is the truest test of one’s strength and character.  I believe that applies not just to us as individuals but to organizations as well.  This global pandemic is testing us all and I am very proud to say, that to a person, the staff of Spero has proven to be amazingly resilient and compassionate.  From the outset, I have seen our employees setting aside their own concerns and needs to focus on the well-being and support of their clients.  Whether volunteering to cover shifts for others who need to be at home, finding creative ways to engage clients over the phone or via video, to addressing complex and rapidly developing challenges, our team members have redefined professionalism and compassion in my eyes.

We are very aware that our clients need us even in the best of times. How much more are we needed now that the world is mired in isolation and uncertainty? For all of you who follow Spero on social media, pray for us, support us financially, volunteer your time, or participate in or sponsor our events, I say a heartfelt thank you!  I want you to know that our team at Spero is rising to this ‘once in a generation’ challenge as we remain a beacon of hope, help and healing in the lives of thousands of our neighbors throughout Southern Illinois. Our strength comes from your support.

John Shadowens- Spero President/CEO