Spiritual Services

Spero Family Services is blessed to have Rev. Deborah Pollex on staff as our Spiritual Life Coordinator and Pastor of the United Methodist Church.  Rev. Pollex gives spiritual guidance to the youth, staff, and community we serve.  What started as working with youth groups in her church 20 years ago blossomed into a calling to become a Pastor.   She began preaching at the Carrier Mills United Methodist Church and was then appointed by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference as the Associate Pastor of Marion UMC.

Rev. Deborah Pollex was then appointed to Spero in 2014.  Since that time, youth participation in the Spiritual Life program, although optional, has continued to see increased growth and weekly attendance in church.  This can be understood once you meet Rev. Deborah. Her passion for the care and well-being of the youth is evident in the way she builds relationships with each child, unselfishly gives her time, and the excitement she exudes when she develops a creative way to instill the love of Christ into a young person.  Rev. Deborah uses a creative and artistic approach in her teachings and considers the youth and their individual needs when she develops a lesson. This creativity led to her writing a book of prayers for teens who are struggling to pray to God. Hey God, I Want to Talk To You, But I Don’t Know What to Say, was made available to the public on Amazon in 2020.  This approach helps them gain her trust and allows them to understand and relate to God on their own terms starting where they are in life.

The Spero Spiritual Life Program offers:

  • Weekly Spiritual Life Group for residents
  • Youth-led worship services
  • Interactive prayer spaces for youth and staff
  • Prayer request
  • Office Blessings
  • and more!

Spero is Proud to be a part of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference

The Illinois Great Rivers Conference is comprised of all or part of 87 counties in downstate Illinois. The episcopal area known as the Illinois Area was formed in 1960 as the former Central Illinois and Southern Illinois conferences shared a bishop who was located in Springfield. Within the conference, 10 regional areas (districts) work to deploy pastors and supervise ministry and mission.